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Welcome to the webbed and wired edition of R&R, aristotle. We’ll be doing the same sort of song and dance here as we used to do in print: reviewing the latest comics and cartoon-related books and ranting about trends and abuses and unfathomable foolishnesses. Each installment will stay here for about four weeks, with a new posting (either R&R or Harv’s Hindsight) coming in just about every other week or so. If you don’t have the time to ponder every punctuation mark in this deathless prose and merely want to see what might be there that would interest you, we suggest you scroll down the page looking for the bold-face type that heralds the notables who reside herein this week. So here we go with Opus 367 (and a reprise of Opus 366A, our Bunny Bonus, and Opus 366):



Opus 367: “Wonder Woman,” NCS Reubens Weekend in Portland & Social Media vs Bill Maher (June 30, 2017).


Opus 366A: Bunny Bonus—Announcing the award winners at the NCS Reubens Weekend Just Concluded (June 2, 2017).


Opus 366: Celebrating 18 Years Online with a Lavish Gallery of Illustrations, Pepe the Frog’s Death by Cyber Bullying, the Delusional Prez & the Failures of Coates’ Black Panther (May 26, 2017).







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