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Welcome to the webbed and wired edition of R&R, aristotle. With this hare-raising posting, we launch our Annual Open Access Month: for the next thirty days (until about mid-August), the online magazine Rants & Raves, as well as archived R&R and the entire Hindsight archive—fifteen years of news, history, lore, reviews and commentary—is open to non-$ubscribers in the hope that they will be so thrilled with what they find that they’ll $ubscribe. Join the deliriou$ly happy throng.


Our current posting headlines comic-cons: we ponder the current state of what has become the comic-con “industry,” report on the recent success of the Denver Comic-Con and look forward to the San Diego Comic-Con July 23-27. We also celebrate the careers of two giants who died last month, The New Yorker’s Charley Barsotti and Etta Hulme, first lady of editooning. And we review the horrors of the last month as seen through the eyes of some of the best editorial cartoonists, plus reviewing Southern Bastards, Dicks, and United States of Murder and a few other recent funnybooks. And more, much more—including a report that Dick Tracy is on a four-month search for Little Orphan Annie. Astounding. Oh—and Mister Magoo is back.

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