Art of the Comic Book: An Aesthetic History

By Robert C. Harvey

(author of The Art of the Funnies)

The Art of the Comic Book is a fascinating demonstration of how comics work--how the medium functions as dramatic narrative and how it achieves its special effects. Author R. C. Harvey
deploys again the methods of analysis and discussion that made his earlier work, The Art of the
, a best seller about newspaper comic strips. In this sequel, he shows how the comic
book grew out of the comic strip and developed its own aesthetic at the hands of such creative
cartooning giants as--

. Jack Kirby (Captain America, the Fantastic Four)

. Will Eisner (The Spirit, Contract with God)

. Harvey Kurtzman (Two Fisted Tales, Mad)

. Robert Crumb (Zap Comix, Mr. Natural, Fritz the Cat)

. Frank Miller (Batman: The Dark Knight, Sin City)

Packed with scores of illustrations that provide vivid examples of each work discussed, The Art
of the Comic Book
concludes its historical examination by proclaiming the dawn of a new
golden age of comics, citing as evidence the creations of such contemporary cartoonists as Art
Spiegelman (Pulitzer award-winning Maus), Scott McCloud (the insightful Understanding
), Harvey Pekar (Our Cancer Year), and others. A cartoonist himself (that's his self-
portrait above), Harvey brings the insights of the craft to his analysis.

As he shows how comic books can be discussed and evaluated, Harvey answers many of the
industry's tantalyzing questions:

. Who created the Silver Age Marvel Universe--Stan Lee or Jack Kirby?

. What rejected newspaper comic strip virtually created the comic book

. Why are superheroes so prevalent in comic books?

. How did the financial realities of comic book publication derive from
newspaper comic strip syndicate reprint policies?

. In what way does Art Spiegelman's Maus tread on dangerously ambiguous

. Why doesn't the aesthetic for movies apply to comics?

. What was the first underground comic book and who published it?

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Both volumes are available from the University Press of Mississippi (singly or in quantity for
discount): 3825 Ridgewood Rd., Jackson, MS 39211-6492; or Toll Free 1-800-737-7788

The Art of the Comic Book
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The Art of the Funnies
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Paperback ISBN 0-87805-674-2: $19.95

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